Kellogg Brothers - Creating a Health Empire

There is more to the Kellogg brothers than just corn flakes! Each brother is brilliant in their own ways and became successful in their own way but how did they go from developing America's beloved "healthy" corn flake, in the world famous Battle Creek Sanitarium, to a life long feud?

In this episode we will discuss the famous Dr. Harvey Kellogg and his amazing medical career as well as his brother Will Kellogg who helped to keep it all afloat.

Below are affiliate links. We do get a small percentage with anything purchased. The book is excellent and goes into much more detail than the podcast. Pictures are from book. The movie is free to watch on Amazon Prime for now and shows a lot of the what the Sans was like in its peak!

Dr. Kellogg lecturing on his biological living.

Water Cures

Roof top exercise march

Surgery suite

The Battle Creek Sans 1880

Will Kellogg

Dr. John Harvey Kellogg

Times Square sign

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