There was a huge need for anatomists in a growing medical field between the 16th-18th centuries but the supply of bodies lacked. This position was filled by the body snatchers who were also called resurrectionists. But this name also applies to those that can literally bring back the dead as well. In this episode I bring you a short story for each definition.

I find so many stories while I am doing research that I find fascinating but are rather too short to share in a full episode or that will make other episodes too long. Therefore, I thought, why not bring you a microscopic episode of these stories to enjoy.

Anne Greene, hung for infanticide. Note her legs are being pulled and her chest is being thumped with the butt of a rifle, while her coffin waits for her down below.

Burke and Hare, mass murderers. For more info, check out

Dr. Knox, Anatomist and buyer of fresh dead bodies.

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